About Me, Beth

Hi, I’m Beth, an Urban Yoga Monkey… see a video of me teaching here.

It is my intention to offer a method of Yoga that awakens the heart. The bodhichitta (awakened heart) moves with gentleness (compassion) clarity/precision, and openess. When these 3 principles are directed towards our emotional and physical bodies, a relationship towards union and integration is possible. For me an honest yoga practice will cultivate awareness at all times, bring me closer to my  authentic self dissolve conflict between any ‘should be’ and what presently ‘is’.

I have 10 years practice of the Yogamonks method. I qualified in yoga teaching with The Yoga Alliance in New York, have studied Psychology, have a BA Hons in Dance (LCDS/ Conservatoire) and recently began studying Thai Massage and integrative cranio-sacral work. The source of my unique style of Yoga comes from the esteemed Jonathan Monks who conceived the method over 20 years of self-practice.

My teaching is inspired by my deep interest in learning patterns, taoism, mahayana buddhism and finding the appropriate application of Eastern holistic methods to Western lifestyles.  I have a deep desire to deliver a method that allows the individual to discover their authentic selves physically, emotionally and spiritually right here in the heart of our urban capital.

For the last 22 years, I’ve trained to professional level in classical ballet and contemporary. I went on to study African dance, and dance Salsa and jazz for fun. I have worked for some of London’s top choreographers such as Hofesh Schecter, Lea Anderson, and Saju Hari and have has enjoyed dancing the repertoire of Henri Oguike and Jiri Kylian (NDTII) Performance venues include the Royal Opera House and The Robin Howard Dance Theatre (The Place). I enjoy practicing Capoeria (Cordeo de Oure) and Tai Chi, both of which allow for freedom and spontaneity to arise from form.

My teaching draws strongly on the applications of the Tai Chi principles of grounding and softening and tibetan-buddhist practice.

I’d like to pay homage to my teacher Jonathan Monks  as well as those drawn inspiration and received support from such as David Sye (www.yogabeats.com) and Mestre Poncianinho. All of these teachers have compassionatly drawn my attention towards the divine intelligence housed within and continunally strip back the layers that create unnecessary tension and dis-ease in my daily existence.

I am currently teaching all over London in the city’s top health and fitness clubs to all levels of practioners. I teach professional dance companies this method to increase artistic and performance ability. I have also taught in the US and Europe and look forward to sharing this joyful, dynamic and unique practice with you!

You can find out about the classes I teach here.


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