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My first way of encountering this world was through Dance, Music and the experience of my relationship between the two. Ballet 5 days a week from the age of 4-26, developed expression, discipline, and a direct experience of a state that went beyond the physical experience, and into the space of spirit, life was an freedom, liberation and joy.

Coming from a Baptist and Buddhist, British and Burmese heritage meant life was an interesting mix of eastern and west, old and new. I was encouraged to be conscious, loving, compassionate and all embracing of different cultures, beliefs and perspectives. Devotional practice manifested as Sunday school and Visits to the temples, or talks with the Monks throughout my childhood. This sense of sangha, community were for me, the blessed norm.

As I grew older, this curiosity to understand, experience led to into my studies of Psychology and Sociology. I became an avid reader,  and have a vivid memory of reading the Tao de Ching, aged 14 on the School bus home. It started to awaken a part of me that powered a relentless passion to embrace these esoteric subjects more and more.  I went on to study Psychology and later receive a scholarship and BSc in Dance at Europes leading Arts Conservatoire (LCDS). My brain and Body both curious and keen for knowledge and experience. I began to feel that the codified structure of classical ballet and the format of the Psychology degree, limiting. Practices that focused more explicit on integration, holistic physical movement forms led to me discover the practice of Hatha Yoga.

My growing esoteric based practices spoke of Stillness and softness. I found the continuous focus on movement and tension that developed in the professional dance training contradictory. At that point, Yoga appeared. We would move, in a challenging way, yet after there was this un refutable stillness. Awareness of the internal movements came. My body was not sore after even several hours of practicing, but, it was changing me bit by bit, and when I went back in to the dance studio my movement was free-er and more precise than ever before. Now, an young Adult,  I became committed to studying the How that lead to the end result, how ones way of being, moving and living affected one;s mind and relationship to oneself and others. Yoga presented me with a method that addressed all aspects of my being.  I started to practice Yoga weekly with Jonathan Monks for several years and developed a self practice based on my studies with him.

I met my teacher early on, I’ve found life often presents me with the thing my heart needs right when it needs it.  During my practice with him, I started to become fascinated by the intelligence of his vinyasa and insights into Asana. This Art of teaching became my next point of fasciation. The art of discovering the How led others to ask me to teach and share with them these insights.  The fascial release based way of movement, the conscious connectivity it stimulates is inherent to the specific to the practice itself, one personally discovers functional moment, the experience of a working anatomy, the chance to embrace  Softness, and the letting go that my studies into Buddhism spoke of. This was the method for me, one that had me move in a way that made the subconscious conscious through a growing and nourishing relationship to ourself emotionally, mentally, physically, and with others around us.

‘Listen, Feel and Allow’ As my teacher (Jonathan Monks, Yogamonks) says, and to him, I owe the deepest gratitude, for creating and sharing with me,  a method that returns me to my natural, unlimited and most wholesome Divine state of Being.

see a video of me teaching here.

My teaching comes from my sincere intention to offer a Practice that awakens The heart. The bodhichitta (awakened heart) then moves with gentleness (compassion) clarity/precision, and openness and when these 3 principles are directed towards our emotional and physical bodies, a relationship towards union and integration is possible.

For me an honest yoga practice will cultivate awareness, the motivation to live more authentically, and the courage to take action in shaping this way of being. For me, the Yogamonks method is the one that reminds me of a naturalness and returns me back to a state of consciousness, of oneness.

My practice has also deepened my practice of Meditation, Dharma,  qualifying in Thai Yoga Massage,  exploring Cranio-Sacral work, and Sacred Earth Belly Dance.


I am currently teaching in London on a weekly basis. I have taught workshops in The UK, Germany, and Bolivia. I have run retreats in Spain, Italy, Greece (Evia and Crete).   I have also taught professional dance companies and for the Royal Academy of Dance at The Royal opera house to increase artistic and performance ability. I’ve been hosted by The Om Yoga Show london for 2 yrs, with articles featured in their magazine. I have also been featured in Women’ Health UK magazine and online for Elephant Journal.

I teach on several online platforms-www.Instructorlive.com, http://www.grokker,com and on my Urbanyogamonkey Youtube channel.

You can find out about the classes I teach here.


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