What to expect from a class with me

Urban Yoga Monks Class

What you can expect from my classes

  • To develop a lean, agile, flexible, strong responsive body and sharp mind.
  • A powerful fluid dynamic vinyasa that consciously develops a level of awareness that supports a healthy mind-body relationship.
  • To be invited to engage with a precise method designed to reveal the ‘stuck/ resistant places in the body and the mind and offered  opportunities to explore alternatives that increase fluidity and ease in daily life.
  • To experience a practice that reveals the most organic and natural connections between breath and movement.
  • To encounter a state of deep awareness, space, a centered mind and physical and emotional grounded-ness.
  • If you’re unable to make any of my classes, the next best thing is to download my videos here.


Click here for My Teaching Schedule

All levels are welcome and supported.

Please note If I am teaching on retreat or unwell, My classes are covered by Yogamonks teachers, so keep up your practice yogis x

I also teach a live online class for Instructorlive.com on weds. Please visit their site which allows you to practice at home with me and ask questions in real time or to check back on archives and practice whenever and as many times as you wish we pre recorded sessions from previous weeks.In between these classes I teach corporate classes and 1-2-1’s.

Please contact me directly via urbanyogamonkey@gmail.com should you or your company wish to practice the yoga with me.

Visit my youtube channel, or cut and paste the link below into your browser for a taster of the flow yoga I offer:


 I also publish ways to practice with my teacher Jonathan Monks (see pic below)

so pls subscribeto my blog  to stay updated. 


  1. Hello,

    I’d love to start coming to the Shoreditch classes – please can you let me know the price & where to go? My friend Emma Lightfoot recommended you – she speaks VERY highly of you.

    Look forward to it.
    Lisa :)

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  3. Being a yoga teacher myself, I often have a critical eye on the teacher in front of me!

    In Beth’s classes I frequently come away with a sense of new found personal discovery, feeling really comfortable within my own body and at peace with myself.

    I also come away with a few ‘hope you don’t mind if I use that in my class’ gems too!

    Inspired :)

  4. Harry ter Haar

    I’ve just come back from a month’s yoga teacher training in New York and had my first class back with Beth. It would be hard to remain truthful without seeming like I am over-exaggerating, but I am still in awe of the class she just taught. Her level of connection to the body, her ability to guide you through these connections and lead you to deep and advanced poses with such each and lightness is verging on genius. The class was over an hour but passed as if it were only ten to fifteen minutes – a true mediation – and total ‘yoga!’
    I would strongly recommend attending her classes for immediate body connection and rapid, deep and genuine understanding of yoga – she really should be teaching 3-4 hour work shops, an hour in Beth’s class although deep and profound is barely scratching the surface of what she has to offer.

  5. Chad Miraton

    ….Its only recently that I have really cleared a certain amount of karmic baggage in significant departments.. and so perhaps I will appreciate more great teachers who come into my life with even increasing impact.

    I totally understand the letting go and letting God (for want of a better word, but you could equally replace it with ‘flow’, or a lot of other words to convey the divinity of consciousness emerging) that you and Jonathan are teaching, your approach to life from what I can see, thru your practice on and off the mat, is very relaxed, natural, original in its close proximity to source, playful, uncontrived, and immediately familiar just as you are as a person. I am very grateful for your immediate friendship, and being so instantly welcoming, and it all makes perfect sense why I had to meet you and re-member.. literally, bring all my bodily members, as well as my mind and breath, back into a more conscious and relaxed innerconnection and wholeness again, when perhaps I have , deliberately in a certain sense, gotten a bit lost in a few different tangents lately..

    So , simply put, THANK YOU !.. to you and Jonathan for your humility and authenticity and I wish I could be your student if I was staying longer in the uk

  6. Jenny

    Hi Beth,
    I have done 4 of your classes now in the Virgin active at Oxford circus and you really changed my thinking about Yoga. I like your interactive and patient way of teaching the classes, as I am still a beginner and enjoy learning not only the practice, also the whole thought behind Yoga. Thank you very much and I am looking forward to more classes with you.
    All the best,

  7. Eugenie

    Hi, I’ve had my first class with Beth at Gymbox yesterday – and am absolutely in awe of her teaching style. On contrary to other teachers I’ve experienced who actually treat the class as a bit of practice for themselves, she spent all the time walking around, making sure we are holding the postures correctly and helping out newcomers like myself. I also have an injury on my wrist, and whilst being told by another teacher the day before, I should not do any yoga at all (?!), Beth was actually always there supporting me and coming up with alternatives postures just for me.

    So – thank you very much, Beth – you definitely brought Yoga back into my life. I absolutely loved the class yesterday and your funny comments made me chuckle a couple of times and I really felt at ease in your class!

    • Was an absolute pleasure sharing the method with you, felt blessed to have such an open, enthusiastic and friendly soul in the class x was lovely practicing with you x Hope to catch you at my new tuesday eve class if you can make it, or maybe on a long retreat x so we can go even deep and laugh even more xx

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  9. Tre

    Hi beth i can’t find your email address anywhere. i would like to come to tomorrows class @ kings cross (thursday 14th) 6-7pm.. tre

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