1. OH I think this was meant to go here!

    Hi Beth,

    Iā€™d love to start coming to the Shoreditch classes ā€“ please can you let me know the price & where to go? My friend Emma Lightfoot recommended you ā€“ she speaks VERY highly of you.

    Look forward to it.
    Lisa :]

  2. Mariusz

    Hi. It’s great to see you. This clip is fantastic idea. I will do sun salutation your way tommorrow morning. After traveling New Zealand I heve been living in Poland since midle of Jun. I enjoy work at country side, but now is geting colder and planing to come to UK for some time again.
    Say hi to yogamonkies, miss you all.
    lots of Love

    • Hi Mariusz and Lisa,

      This is Jo who helps run this blog for Beth. Thanks so much for your comments, really lovely to read.

      Lisa- I know Beth would like to email you directly about the Shoreditch classes. Would you mind emailing us privately or sending us an email the Urban Yoga Monkey Facebook page?? Then we can get straight back to you. Thanks.

      Mariusz – enjoy your practice in Poland – nice to see we’re going international!

      Have a good day x

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  4. Javina

    Beth, hi!
    I am loving your sat morn classes. You don’t only help me to discover, reconnect with my body and mind but also make me feel so much more chilled, you also show me what it takes to be a great teacher!

    Thank you for inspiring.

  5. Mata

    Thanks for meditation video ….it helped me to relax so much will try and do it every day!
    Looking forward to yoga….:) love xxx

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  7. Hi Beth,

    I’m glad to have found your site. I’m curious what’s your personal motivation and/or goals for your site? I’ve been writing articles for my own project for a couple years now and I’m starting to get excited as I’m discovering a fascinating online community for Yoga enthusiasts. I look forward to hearing back from you and wish you luck in all your endeavors.


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