Urbanyogamonkey Beth: Integrity and Courage: Walking the walk

As I go deeper into my practice on the mat, off the mat, in my friendships, my relationships I become clearer in what nourishes, what excites and brings joy to my being and those around me.  There is a constant process of re balancing between the mental, physical and emotional aspects of my life that helps me grow, deepen connections and evolve. For those out there whom sometimes feel its a struggle to find clarity, express truth and move from the heart, have courage in your innate connection to the divine, the unlimited and indestructable.

Align your actions so that they match your values and inner knowingness of whats right for you, it is no accident that nature blends the mind so inextricably, with the ability to establish its own frontiers.  Know your heart, understand your mind and move your body being in line xx

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