Urban Yoga Lifestyle: Urbanyogamonkey goes stateside- Hello New Yorkers!!

“Its up to you! New york, New yorrrrkkk! ”  Ah I remember learning the music when I sung in the choir for newham Music Academy (http://www.newham-music.org.uk/ourwork/) during my younger urbanyogamonkey days and now I’m singing it as I over look central park. Its not my first time here, in fact I’ve visited several times before, mainly to dance at the Alvin Ailey summer school programme during my dancing days and to do my Yoga Alliance teacher training. I’ve so many great memories here and love the energy, creativity and variety of this place.

I went to visit my burmese elder cousin who’s PA for Ban Ki Moon ( secretary general of the United Nations). In Fact, we spoke about how urbanyogamonkey retreats can contribute to a charity she supports in burma, that helps with education, family support and funeral assistance for those in poverty. I was inspired to know her young daughter is already collecting old books and had got 500 to send to burma for the children who would otherwise have no access. Go Khine Cho, my beautifully focused and considerate 13 yr old cousin xx

I took some pics nearby xx Inspired once more by the intricacies that make up the whole and the importance of acknowledging this as we seek to re build from the inside out, a coherant and unified whole x may those working tirelessly and sincerely at the UN be blessed for their efforts and know that the we are deep gratitude, respect and honour of them xx

I ve taken some great classes at Katonah Yoga centre (www.katonahyoga.com) inspired by a good friend David Regelin (www.davidregelinyoga.com/) The Katonah Practice is very similar to the yogamonks practice. So, for those travelling stateside, come try out a class! Nevine’s methodology is insightful, unifying and a beautiful experience in itself. Big thanks to Taylor and Ari also.

urbanyogamonkey in new york aug 2012

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