Urban Yoga Lifestyle: Ready to move forward and embrace


Thank you new york, you have inspired me, nourished me, restored me and have got me ready to return to ‘ol london town’

Watch this space for pictures that show how urbanyogamonkey is moving into the next chapter, getting more raw, authentic, exciting and innovative. The urbanyogamonkey style has inspired those around me via photography and teaching style. It is wonderful to see how the movement has spread. It also shows me how far I’ve come in terms of how I see myself and the relevance of teaching in a still innovative, effective and intelligent manner. I feel clearer, stronger and more distinct in flavour, maybe it’s a coming of age 🙂
In New York, I was reminded by my Experienced, successful and respected friend – David Regelin, that “only the superficial aspects be mimicked” and to continue pushing forward in the same way i always have. True authenticity has a weight behind it, not merely an image. Just as one my long term students said to me the other day, it’s not merely the sequencing or the way I express yoga in class but the understanding and embodiment of those words that resonates deeply within for days and sometimes weeks to follow. Even as ideas and images become replicated, the creativity that gave birth to them remains greater than ever and it’s simply a wake up that it is now time this urbanyogini moved above and beyond the standard into setting her own. Thank you new York for re-newing my confidence and helping me re find a clearer more focused and excited version of me xx urbanyogamonkies, im looking forward to bringing these new insights to inspire and deepen your yoga practice and support you on your yoga journeys, sign up for regular updates an stay ahead xx (find out how on my home page)


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