Urban Yoga Monkey Insights: Urban Yoga experiments!

You are confined only by the walls you build

Generally our mind has agenda-when we look, we see what we wish to see, identify the things we’ve experienced as they are most recognisable and familiar to us. Our way of ‘seeing’ the world is reinforced and in this way our conditioned mind tries to re-find/ re-live the same experience again and again. There s even a certain amount of comfort found in re living the same familiar experience.

When we have an intention to be a more present human being, we can come to each scene, moment and experience with “open eyes” not a slanted tilt of the head that makes things appear a certain way.   Next time you enter a new room, environment, take a look around for a minute then jot down what you remember. If there s another person present and their speaking, also note down what you remember. Then look up from your notes and see how much you remembered, was each corner’s contents included? What parts of the conversation did you note down? Let me know how you get on xx

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