Urbanyogamonkey Asana Insights

I consider these three Asana to be perfect for deepening and enhancing your Home Self practice. Regular practice of them cultivate groundedness, a relaxed, connected and upright spine, a mobile pelvis and lower back, a calm and alert mind and easy happy heart centre.
Regardless of your level of experience, these Asana help ground emotions, calm an over active mind and open the physical pathways which connect the spine through our legs into the ground and Earth.
The first posture is in a reclined variation, which means there is less tension than when our body is upright in line with gravity, so we can focus on letting go of our Quadratus Laborum and Bicep Femoris, which are the big muscles in our lower back and legs which limit our ability so sit, squat and bend forwards.

(1) Baddha konasana-
Placing the soles of the feet together with the blade edge of the heels and toes of the feet aligned and reaching towards the ceiling, work your feet either over the centre of the chest (Beginners) or level with the eyebrows (Int/advanced). Actively try to press the feet together, stimulating a feeling in the inner groin and hip flexors, only using your hands to hold your feet together as a secondary measure. Ultimately the back of the hips, sacral area should be heavy/relaxed on the floor, the elbows reaching outwards helping the middle and upper spine to rest freely on the floor and bringing length into the front body.
Possible props: Place a small rolled up blanket under your pelvis to help your lower back rest on the floor. You can also place a strap/hand towel around feet if you cannot reach them.
Secret Insight: Try drawing the chin downwards whilst leaving the back of the skull heavy on the floor. Notice how this affects the angle of your hips/pelvis and the any effect on the knees.
I’ll be posting the 2 asanas to follow this in feb and march so subscribe and stay updated xx would love to hear how you get on with the practice and how the insights feel for you x
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