Urbanyogamonkey Insights: The 2 faces of Facebook: To Unify or Divide? You choose.

As a keen facebooker, I ve recently noticed the trend towards an aversion to any state other than ‘super positive.’ As someone who loves the black and white and also the grey, I’ve felt this could encourage division within ourselves that could lead to a sense of unnecessary and damaging isolation.

As a devoted reader of Pema Chodren- a pioneer to exposing and celebrating the inbetween, somewhat ugly times in our lives, I felt moved to write about this avoidence of that which may not be shiny and sparkly in our lives. Would this seemingly positive lifestyle so often portrayed not be even more believable if It embraced the dark times in our lives as well?

Recently Super yogini Rachel Brathen lost a soul sister and expressed her pain so eloquently and responsibly that it made her sit in an even more special place in my blogger yogini heart. She then shared one of her followers email request to stop expressing this, as she herself ( the reader) had not followed Rachel to hear about this event or aspect of her being but instead, began her blog following to be reminded to the beautiful sea and colourful-smiling-Yogini- on-a-beach photos so characteristically Rachels. It made me think about how we use social media.
Could we use our presence on Facebook and conscious choosing of what to share to express support for others during their time of grief, sadness or times when life does not feel so pretty!


When I began my urbanyogamonkey social media life, it was born from the suggestion of 2 of my yoga students who worked within social media roles. They’d told me they’d thought others would benefit from the insights I’d developed through Yoga and their practical application to seeking balance in one of the busiest cities in the world. I knew my role was to practice being as authentic as I could be in each stage of my life, and so with a sense of urgency I practiced expressing the whole truth, not an edited one . My intention was in doing this as honestly as I could, that it may invite others to feel and allow whatever arises in them, take responsibility, get proactive and be courageous honest in they re lives. I made a part with the goddess and my higher self that If I had something of value to humanity then I would share it willingly and freely.

So this a is little shout out for all those trailblazers and pioneers that are keeping it real, and encouraging us to embrace all aspects of our being. They are not afraid to share their darkness, showing us how to own it, work with it and practice loving all of ourselves unconditionally.

I ll be posting a series of writings on my 2 perceived faces of facebook over the next few weeks and look forward to hearing your views and mentions of others that are pioneering forwards too xx

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