Urbanyogamonkey insights : The 2 faces of Facebook: What do you ‘share?’

This article is the 2nd in my blog archive that looks at the effect social media has on our relationships with each other and the role of the ‘share’ button in this.

Social media gives us the ability to express our emotional state as the emotions arise themselves. We can then release these emotions we may be finding it hard to sit with at the click of button, knowing that hundreds if not thousands will hear our cry and then wait for support or re affirmation to come back to us. In this knowing awareness of an audience, I think we may find a very human comfort. The closest the cyber world is going to get to the physical one. This article in itself, looks at the power

This is where the way we personally choose to deal and feel our emotions can either perpetuate a reactionary way of being or a more conscious and responsible one.

You could say that emotional offloading could be comparable to the thoughtless and irresponsible act of littering. Our social media space, our news feed, being our shared space, our playground, and one that can be stimulating and inspiring or cluttered and haboring hazards. If we then spend more hours investing more energy into our cyber world, this playground and the state of it could start to become our *dominant reality.

When we post on fb, we perpetuate a way of seeing, being and responding to this world. I’ve selected a few quotes that have been making the rounds on fb recently as an example of the postionality that is held. Below is one quote that has been making the rounds of facebook, and just as all words have a certain energy to them, communicates something distinctively and
This is one example of something making the rounds on Facebook lately-


When I saw this, the mind state I perceived behind it was hurt and anger. It felt reactionary and somewhat childlike. It made me curious to ask ‘who’ is the one perceiving themselves to be an option, and an option as what? The removing from the equation implies that there was a formula/ or a mental construct at play that did not equal a desired result and therefore was now to be abandoned.
In coming from a place of willing and sincere practice to be in a state of union wherever and whenever possible, it seemed like this was actively encouraging division and not as something healthy but as a reaction to not getting what one had imagined or desired. Was there interest in allowing a result to be a what the universe deemed appropriate or what the ego mind deemed desireable?

Then there was :


This again, made me ask the question-‘who’s’ truth? and seemingly took an authoritarian position where there there is only one truth which all others must submit to. I may be showing my Buddhist heritage, my love of Pema Chodren and Mooji here, but what I felt that this encouraging separateness. There is no embrace of various states and stages of perception or compassion towards the various stages of our journey towards awakening. One of my teachers once asked me- ‘Does your way of being embrace or divide?’

What I found to be more union focused, practical and free of karmic ripples was :


Our minds themselves develop via our own personal experiences alongside the development of our ego, we are a living expression of the way we have responded to all the events in our lives, our choices to forgive, or hold on to grudges, to soften or harden, to love or to be separate. When we are able to feel our hearts and its boundless, untainted and unlimited capacity to love unconditonally, we live from this experiencing compassion, joy, and oneness. With each press of the ‘share’ button, do you choose to perpetuate the return towards oneness with your being or, express a desire to stay separate and in anger?

In considering the energetic legacy our choice of posts leaves, I ll leave you with this one .


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