Have you turned your back on ‘you’?

Are you ready to accept ‘you’ as you are?

In truth, our lifestyle and our bodies are simply expressions of our level of consciousness. When we experience dis satisfaction, lets say it out loud, its unpleasent and we start to REACT in our actions so we can stop this uncomfortableness as quickly as  possible. Dis satisfaction comes in the form of self criticism, negative judgement, frustration, hopelessness, depression, anger and aggression.


Change in itself is not a bad thing. It is in fact a very necesssary part of our evolution and souls experience. What is important is the why were motivated to change. Honesty with ourselves will show us if we ve invested in the belief that we must be something other that what we presently are to be loved, accepted, celebrated or succesful.
Entering into a relationship because we feel imcomplete, not leaving a relationship because we feel imcomplete, going to the gym because we enjoy feeling our bodies becone fitter and more agile vs so we can become a shape thats ‘more accepted’ is what im talking about here.
How would you know whether your craving for change is based on re finding loving connection to your naturally beautiful unique state vs a false belief that you have to be different to have a better life/be loved or celebrated at work? It will have the appearance of a 2 yr when its been told that it’s treats are arriving later than expected. It is where we want to rid ourselves of the feeling of dis satisfaction by running away, towards something we think will be better, easier with that car/dress/relationship. Its freakin out when you cant do that class/get that car/dress/ or have that person.

In short, a part of you is believing your happiness is based on something out there. It is in fact based on something ‘in’ side. 
In pausing and allowing the feeling of unrest to be felt, we can connect to the part we ve lost connection with. After all, our dis satisfaction is like the warning light in a car..It is indicative of us coming away from our wholesome and abundent self, that does not require external gratification.

Changing for the wrong reason mean we miss the message our restless soul is giving us and actually get further away from realising our natural and already perfect state. You ll know if your reason is false because the satisfaction you get is fleeting and like a drug that gives a false reality, you need to do that class/have more money/ more of that person to get the same satisfaction. It required more and more investment and offers you less freedom to enjoy other areas of your life.
Acceptance with where we are, fully feeling where we are connects us to our true self. Feeling dis comfort and running as far as you can from it means we miss the the real thing behind then dis comfort.

When we sense this lack or dis ease with life, we may think the answer is out there. Next time the ‘i need this’ thought comes with ‘then my life will be better’ emotion, consider sitting with the reason why that dress/car/relationship is so attractive.
Could the tlc of home pampering, time taken over good food and company generate a feeling of beauty, fullness and that inner glow? Or maybe that thing your seeking in relationship with other could be cultiavated right now with yourself? How would talk to you on a date, how much kindness, gentleness would you bring along, what places would you like to visit?
Often we seek externally, to no real long lasting or satisfactory end, when our dis ease with our lives is no more than a simple cue to turn inwards.

At this time of year, its easy to think of aquirring more at the new year sales or a ‘new body, a  new you’ Remember you are perfect as you are despite what the media may subtly have you believe. That relationship may have ended because your soul had learned all it needed to there. The body may have

In someways we are a more aware than at any other point in history, information on anything and everything is available at the swipe of a key but this awareness must then be coupled with a period of digestion and correct application. In relation to lifestyle, our long hours may not mean we in the wrong job. We could be deeply passionate and committed to our job or vocation. In applying our awareness that our bodies get stiff from hours at our desk for example, we could bring in a yoga teacher to give ourselves and work collegues an opportunity to practice a balanced way of being. In fact work productivity may increase, our ability to sleep well at night may improve, stress levels lower and our creativity levels go up.
Our reaching for the sugary treats may be because we’re tired. The less healthy snack is closer to hand because we were too sleepy to prep a pack lunch the night before etc. Sometimes we are better at taking care of others so what about taking it in turns with a best friend to cook in bulk and try each others dishes getting healthier, friendlier and happier together.

Turn awareness towards insight by being honest with where your at, or where your dis statisfaction lies on a emotional level. Practice self acceptance, gratitude, honour and self loving.
The return to a more wholesome life may not be so far away from where you stand now.

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