Urbanyogamonkey Yoga: You and Your Spine workshop

The spine, our backbone is at the very core of our entire being and the state of it has a huge influence over the quality of our lives.
With a healthy spine and a conscious connection to it, we have both flexibility and strength in our mental and physical abilities as well as a nervous system that meets life with enthusiasm, energy and the ability to engage, integrate and enjoy.
Imbalances, points of disconnection and compression can be felt via upper back tightness, shoulder restrictions, wrist pain, hip restrictions, lower back pain as well as digestive problems, difficulty with sleeping, poor concentration and focus, as well as a lack of grounding and/or confidence in one’s ability to ‘stand strong on one’s own feet.’
This workshop offers a practical and tangible way to consciously connect with our spines, learn how to release unnecessary tension and create a strong connection through our legs, feet and the ground beneath us.
You will be invited to discover correct core connections via playful yet precise functional movement patterns that cultivate freedom, balance in strength, a feeling of lightness and relief throughout the body, leaving a calm focus for the mind.

Workshop suitable for all levels. Injury recovery also welcome.

Urbanyogamonkey Spine








Had a wonderful experience teaching this at Breeze Yoga in 2014

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