Life is light ! It’s up to you whether you open your eyes 

Life wakes us up! To potential and possibility. The process of change itself involves – CHANGE, and the process itself is – the change. To live with an awakeness is to be committed to process and to remain open, even just a little when that’s hard. Open to change, to letting go and allowing in. #lotus is an position that energetically roots and grounds us- that whilst you experience change within and transformation, you are supported by the ground, through the root of your physical and energetic being. If lotus is off the table at present, any seated posture will do, an aided by blocks if required, still works! Whether it’s an unusual physical position that gets us to pay more attention to the relationship between stimulus and reaction, sensation and a conditioned mental response, our practice itself is awareness, not contortion. Sometimes our situations are uncomfortable, showing us where we re not flowing, allowing or disconnecting. What we learn about ourselves in those moments is invaluable. Show up to this week, to all that it holds in store for you, that brings a greater light of awareness into your existence. I ll be using āsana, pranayāma, my terrible jokes, silence (usually follows after those) and sound to invite that lightness and space within. See you at Broadgate #virginactiveuk Weds, viktorslab #peckhamRye Thurs am, @stretch_london thurs eve, fri and sat and @therefinerye9 Friday xx #Partner yoga with stretch focus WORKSHOP SUN 4th Dec 1:45 with myself and @nomadic_yogi (including yoga nidra and Thai massage tools to bliss you out in the run up to Xmas 😘💜👌🏽

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