Somerset Yoga Retreat Aug 2017

Nestled in a Somerset Valley lies your home from home for a weekend of calm wilderness, fresh air, a glass of wine around the bonfire, and of course … Yoga! With Beth & Fern T.
Join Beth & Fern T for a weekend of Yoga, Meditation, home cooked food with locally sourced, organic ingredients, fresh country air to clear away the cobwebs of city life, luxury accommodation with snugs, enough soft furnishings to make you want to curl up like a kitten, baths big enough you may not want to get out and to top it all off, a bonfire to sit by as you let the sun set and fade into night.
Joined by a local chef you can rest assured you’ll be dining on the finest local produce and organic ingredients for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We will bookend each day with a yoga practice and how you spend the rest of the days are up to you. You may wish to find a snug and enjoy a book, or you may want to get out into the crisp fresh somerset air. We will join together for meals around the dining table, and enjoy a bonfire on the Saturday evening, and perhaps a glass of wine if you’re so inclined!
This is the ‘reset’ button most of us need. VISIT: and scroll to RETREATS
Check in is from 4:30pm & Check out 4pm #weekendretreat #yoga #stretch #somerset

One comment

  1. lightfootfilms

    Dearest Beth, I’m very keen to join you on this retreat, it sounds like a wonderful chance to take some quiet time away 🙂 Will let you know! Big hugs Em x


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