Workshop May 20th Hips &a Hamstring focus @stretch Yoga studios, hackney. 

Expansive, Free and full of Glee!Start spring off with a greater sense of space, freedom, ease and vitality!

This workshop will free up space in the hips, release tensions in the back, and lovingly lengthen the hamstrings and shoulders.
When tensions and the investment in limited ways of being and thinking end, what naturally arises is a child like lightness and ease in movement and being.
The Hips are the seat of the Spine, and the spine, our back bone is an expression of our center, its uprightness, health and mobility highlight our relationship to our core values, to walk into a room energised and tall, have a good connection to the earth that offer stability, an earthiness that offers a practical grounded sense of reality….our postures can be amplifiers of our emotional lives and our mental outlook and experience of life to date.
In the process of bringing greater freedom into and around the pelvis we rebalance our connection to the spine, letting go of tension, unnecessary holding patterns, we release tension in the psoas and diaghragm that cause tightness in the shoulders that restricts our ability to inhale life as well as we could, and exhale what we no longer need, as fully we we re designed to. In short, our physical form can offer a huge sense of freedom and liberation of the creative life force and spirit and this workshop will offer exactly that.
The physical practice comes from a yogic one, a principle based way of moving that honors the mind, body and spirit and recognises the benefits of moving with kindness, courage, precision, attentiveness and clarity. This workshop is not merely a stretch and release temporary fix but offers long term expert practices to bring greater ease physically, and mentally via specialised (holistic) Yogic practice.
Bring along all your tensions whether they be physical ones or ones that operate as ideas that limit your ability to be free, open and at ease in the present, in essence they are one of the same thing and it is yoga-the practice of active awareness that offers freedom from this.
Benefits of a more conscious working connection to the Hips (hamstrings & lower back)
-Breath-The level of freedom and correct alignment in our pelvis (and spine) affects the depth of each and every breathe. To operate for years using just the minimal capacity of our lungs limits the level of vitality on a personal attitude to life, as well as the health of our organs that require a good oxygen blood level.
-Ease in movement and stillness, clarity comes from mental stabilty and a calm mind is very difficult to find when there is a constant level of tension in the physical body.
-Better sleep. Sleep is essential for the re-newel processes within the body as well as psychologically and emotionally. Having energy for life’s opportunities and mental clarity to meet them has a direct effect on the way we feel about our lives on a day to day basis.
-Digestion; is hugely affected by the level of tension and balance we have available in the lower trunk of the body, even our ability to assimilate food and have an efficient bowel movement impacts our energy levels, the health of our blood, skin, hair, as well as reproductive functions.
-A healthy experience of freedom within the pelvis and surrounding areas, means we can dance, squat, play sports, sit walk around, or run whenever our heart and mind desire, to not feel restricted has a huge effect on our psychology, our confidence to try new things, create new projects, know that we are capable to change and progress and to have mobility in all areas of our lives.
Rediscover You, minus the stress of the past. Be ready to move forward and meet the Old new You.

£25 members

£30 non-members

Book via stretch online (visiting their workshop section)


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