Sadhana – where in the Yoga practioner skillfully applies…mind and intelligence in practice towards a spiritual goal.

Sadhana Workshop Sat 16th sept & sat 14th Oct 2017 3:30-5:30pm @ ada st, hackney. 
Def: Sādhanā is a discipline undertaken in the pursuit of a goal. 

(Abhyāsa) A repeated practice performed with observation and reflection. (Kriyā) an action impling perfect execution with study and investigation. 

Sādhanā/ abhyāsa/ kriyā are practices where in the Yoga practioner skillfully applies…mind and intelligence in practice towards a spiritual goal.

Have you ever been in a 60 min class and only just started to feel like your finding your flow, your groove, your ‘let go’ and then its Time up?! Even with the best asana’s on offer, it simply takes time to sink into the juiceness of the pose and into the richness of the full yogic experience on offer.  

The physical practice is merely the beginning of the unfolding, understanding and releasing of tension, habitual tendencies, compulsive habits that limit our physical range of movement, our creativity and ability to live our full potential. 

As we begin to listen in, we discover the intelligent intricacy of our being, not just our anatomical design but the way sensations trigger emotions, memory and insights into why we may hold ourselves in limiting ways. It in those revelationary/lightbulb moments, that there is the possibility to let go Fully, of tension and rigidity and instead- experience a sublime easiness that washes through and over us. We feel lighter, more ourselves and less of our stories and history. We feel free to move with ease, breath, speak, and be our fullest and most dynamic and alive selves. 

This workshop (intended to pick up where the previous 2 hr sadhana classes left off/are no longer running as weekly classes) aim at offering you the full yogic experience -asana practice, pranayama and meditation infused with yogic philosophy and its wisdom to ultimately deliver you to a state of ease, bliss, simplicity, clarity, confidence and a creative and inspired You!
Beth has been involved in conscious movement explorations for over 20 yrs, her training includes classical dance (for 26 yrs) a degree in dance, Psychology, a diploma in child development studies, tai chi and subtle body energy practices, Kundalini yoga, Meditation, Massage, offers Yoga teacher mentor workshops and Lunar focused women’s groups.  

She is deeply nourished by her upbringing in a buddhist family, her studies in partner dance and its focus on the masculine feminine dynamic, music, creative expression and the honoring of intuition and the intelligence of one’s being. She has taught internationally, online and been featured in several publications. She has been teaching yoga for 10 yrs full time and is deeply passionate about her vocation and is studying on a 500hr Yoga training with Jim Tarren (Vajrasati Yoga school) 

Yoga for her is the practice of awareness,oneness and truth, the application of this through all aspects of one’s life and, the simple and sincere devotion to serve and support her students with the wisdom she has attained to far.   (This is a workshop to ask questions in, develop confidence to start a home practice from and is suitable for all levels of experience.) 

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