Lotus living – new course for women (March 2018-sept)


It all begins in the simplest ways….women coming together, showing up as different creative form of the same conscious force that created the universe in which we reside. You, me becomes we. Stories shared, seeing how our different ways of experiencing hint at the multi layered experience we can have of the world. Just as we seek to acknowledge all aspects of our own being that we have become separate from, where fragmentation has occurred, we come together, finding ways to bring them back to together, bringing each other back, back to recognising our ability to be whole, full in our form and essence and what this feels like. @lunarsisterhood will continue Into 2018 🙂 and I will also be launching a 7month course -#Lotus Living. A journey into the feminine, how and where this resides in our lives, psyche and body, how we relate to the masculine within and without, our relationship with our personal power, with our physical and emotional body, developing and honoring our relationship to our cycles, seasons, sensation, vibration, sound, frequency, our voice, and our presence, cultivating stillness, trust, stability, creativity and confidence, healthy boundary and courage. The course has a deeply physical practice within in as well as ways to explore our intellectual and emotional structures and their relationship to our physical form. This course will start in feb with early bird booking starting from now until 2nd week of jan 2018. This course has been a lifetimes work of all the most practical and powerful ways into deeper connection, integration and the experience of living fully and powerfully.

The course will be held in London, via a 4 hr meeting, one day a month.

Book via- urbanyogamonkey@gmail.com



  1. Ksenia Maniouchis

    Beth, hi,

    Thanks for the class today at the gym – it was fantastic!

    Just to confirm that I would be interested in joining this course you are planning. Keep me posted please 🙂

    Happy new year!


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