LivingLotus course for Women 2018

Course dates-

Sat 10th March 2018 2-6pm 

Sun 8th April 12-4pm*

Sun 13th May 12-4pm*

Sun 10th June 12-4pm*

Sun 8th July 12-4pm*

Sun 12th Aug 12-4pm*

Sun 9th Sept 12-4pm*

Sessions held at A wonderful yoga studio in Hackney. 2 mins walk from Hackney central son, or Hackney Downs overground Stn, or 15mins bus ride from Bethnal Green central line, or 20min bus ride (no.48, 55 bus) from Liverpool st Stn. 
Free Tea and light snacks provided. 

Pls bring your own yoga mats, large scarves for meditation/sitting practices and notebook and pens etc. 

LotusLiving, the Awakening Yoga Syllabus for women
As women, our anatomy draws us into the psyche of the feminine, affecting our perceptions, energy levels, digestion and posture. The body also exists within a wider sociological and cultural framework and experiences that is often internalised that may or may not align with our internal knowing and awareness and may or may not be aligning us with the fullest most embodied conscious experience of the feminine, possible. 
The course will be a conscious dance through the the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual with regular points to pause, reflect, discuss or write. I have written below the areas we will be covering in a structured way, however the experience will be quite fluid, as is the feminine way, and in this way each women will be free to draw upon what she needs to recover, revitalise, remember what has been forgotten, what may not have had a warm welcoming when first brought into the world and discover ways she may inspire other women to embrace, share and know the power of an acceptance, compassion and and conscious embrace. xxx this is just one of the reasons why a full commitment to the full length of the course is required. 

The course is structured in a cyclical way, aligning with the feminine cycle, supporting embodiment. Topics will be returned to several times to penetrate the deeper levels of our conscious mind and body relationship and develop positive neural connections. 

This course has been created as a result of my own journeying into the feminine, its relationship to ones mind and perceptions of the self, the world in relation to this ‘self’ ones physical form, digestion, hormonal system, nervous system, energy levels, wellness and health, one’s romantic and platonic relationships, how one feels in the world as a woman, as a daughter, as a teacher and as a guide, one s relationship to one’s mother and motherhood, and how this all influences ones relationship to the masculine (qualities of the masculine in relation with the feminine and to one psyche and to one’s father/romantic partner ( regardless of gender).  
My explorations have been enriched by nearly 2 decades of focused study of yoga, anatomy, eastern practices focusing on energetic sensitivity and vibrational structures, meditation, Buddhism, psychology, the psychology and role of dance, and by paying attention and practising awareness and honest reflection. 

Yoga, conscious relationship, what it means to be present, what it meant to not be present (samsara, varsana, avidya) what are our motivations. What is Bhava? And its influence on our experience of life. 
Asana Practice with Beth (practical/physical)
Cultivating Focus

Sustained concentration

Connection with the Pelvis, and Spine, legs and arms, Heart and Head

Moving into deep emotions, sensations,

Connection to memory held within the body, posture, thought patterns and

Conscious access and exploration of nervous system and hormonal system.

Listening (aural and kinestetic) and developing Steady connection and ‘neutral mind’ 

Strengthening steady connection to muscles and neutral mind. 

Our relationship to the physical form and energetic body. 
The Mind (the mental body) 

Presentation, discussion and practical exploration –

Overview of 3 states of ‘The three mental bodies’ states of mind (kundalini yoga) 

The Gunas (qualities re states of mind) and Buddhist models of the Mind, it’s states and relationship to perception and reality. 


*Strengthening steady connection to muscles and neutral mind via specific vinyasa.


What is the feminine? 

Presentation, discussion and practical exploration –

This includes a historical, cultural and sociological overview and archetypes,

Sharing of our own conceptual/ intellectual ideas, our own personal experience of the embodiment of the feminine, The external and internal ‘mother’ and ‘father’ and the felt experience of how we express this,  how we feel we are received/met. 

Guided meditation.

-Establishing connection to personal feminine (how, why, what does it look/feel like?)

-Establishing connection to divine feminine (how, why, what does it look/feel like?)

Practical-A unique yoga flow inspired by the feminine and her relationship to the body as emotional vessel. 

-Our relationships to our body as the personal feminine, personal experiences, our psyche, the world. 

-Our cycles (Life cycles and hormonal) and the relationship to our psyche

-What is energy/Prana, energetic awareness? What is its relevance?

-What is consciousness? spirit, spirituality? energy, quantum theory and personal ideas and attachments discussed. 

Lotus mudra practice
(A specifically designed yogic practice to align mind, body and life force with the conscious feminine aspect)

The specific practice bringing awareness to womb, heart, hands. spine, hips, sacrum. 

The energetic pathways, energy points and their affect on flow of energy, circulation, health, emotions and psyche, the pelvic floor, diaphragm and Bandha.

This is a physical practice that will be taught into parts to establish conscious physical, neurological and psychological coherence, and will also be broken down via partner work then practiced individually then collectively, exploring the influence of singular activity and group dynamics on the feminine force and how we can communicate in different ways, in different subtle states. 

-Introduction to sound and vibration.
(Significance of accurate understanding of words, link to internal dialogues, associations we have with words, link between language and emotions, posture and form-energy in motion, in communication we are dancing with words/ideas/emotions, creating relationships, vortex’s of energy) 

-Introduction of Mantra- what is it and why would we use it as a technique. Introduction of Specific mantra to ground, Centre, tune into source etc) (developing sensitivity to   

 words/vibration/communication, what we birth verbally) Song, prayer, 

‘communion’ between our heart and mind state’

Relationship between mantra practice, the psyche, connection between the psychical body and the subtle. 

The teaching of the Karya Karana vada prakriya (cause and effect, karma, the role of consciousness, freedom and pure experience)

-Integrating of the feminine within
-Family/friends/job/lifestyle etc

-Integrating with partnership (Venus kriyas) introduction to essence of tantra (using spiritual teaching/awareness in the material (matter formed) world.

Reviewing our understanding of prakrti/purusha (nature/nuture, unconscious/ conscious, recognising essence nature from deeply conditioned patterning-how to shine the light of awareness into the shadow side of the psyche, bring correct/true response to memory and interactions. 
-What is shiva/shakti, the masculine/feminine, our own divine power to create and destroy, our role in the shaping of our daily experience and reality. 

-Exploring what we wish to heal,dissolve and birth into existence, grow and develop in our own lives, relationships personal and professional etc. 

Kundalini 3x 40 day practices (cultivating strength, steady connection to energy, pranic sensitivity, integrity-Woman focused/centered pranayama)
*A personal specific daily practice is required throughout and journaling (voice or written for personal reflection)
Pls note this syllabus is the creative property of Beth Win with all course material references and source materials honoured with full disclosure to those partaking in this course. Pls note the above is an outline provided to express the course focus and essence. 

The 7 month course compromises of 

7x 4hr sessions, 

7 x 50min Skype/zoom (online group sessions once a month) 

Investment £840 payable via 3 instalments. 
-Or benefit from early bird offer £630*-

*This requires a confirmation deposit of £100 by Jan 31st 2018. 

(The total Investment for the early bird booking has the course total as £630. This remaining £530 can be paid via 2 instalments @ the march then June sessions.)

All sessions must be attended (one being missed as a exception with the student as an active participant in getting back up to speed, still working with course materials provided)

I hope to run a long weekend retreat in the UK countryside in October with a feminine focus which will run separate from the course syllabus but may include several of the themes and practices explored over the 7 months. This is not compulsory retreat but rather a compliment to the syllabus and a simple gesture to those interested in such an 4 day intensive/immersion. 

With love 


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