Urban Yoga Monkey: Testimonials

Interactions whats it’s all about! I’ve included all your comments and look forward to continuing to share urbanyogamonkey practice with your further. Thank you for sharing your experiences with me and the rest of the urbanyogamonkey community!


Om Yoga magazine interviewed me about my secret place to do yoga. You guessed it – out on the streets of East London.

Urban Yoga in Om Yoga Magazine


The lovely Waylon of elephantjournal came across my videos and loved them so much he put Urban Yoga Monkey on it’s front page. Thanks for your kinds words.

Best yoga video ever

Featured Article in Women’s Fitness Magazine October 2012!


Personal Testimonials

I am a member of virgin active who  absolutely love your classes, as they’ open locks’ in me I never knew I had and make me meet my Tuesdays with ‘less resistance’ to my day and accept myself  more and more. Thank you Beth

Submitted by Camilla via email, March 2011


Being a yoga teacher myself, I often have a critical eye on the teacher in front of me!

In Beth’s classes I frequently come away with a sense of new found personal discovery, feeling really comfortable within my own body and at peace with myself.

I also come away with a few ‘hope you don’t mind if I use that in my class’ gems too!

Inspired :)

Submitted by Jesse, as a comment on My Classes Page


Beth is one of the greatest yoga teachers I have come across. She effortlessly brings joy, lightness, love and energy to every class she teaches. Massively dedicated to the advancement of her students she gives everything she has in every class so the student can learn and enjoy yoga (and themselves) to the full. She joyfully teaches her class with humor, lightness and a casual confidence which helps you ease into the practice; and through clear demonstrations of her own incredible practice she leads you to physical positions and mental states which would have been very difficult to reach without her. At the end of the each class I am always amazed at how deep I have gone physically and how still my mind has become; and how I didn’t notice any of these things occurring as I was always being guided by Beth’s deeply loving, light, humorous and wise teaching. I cannot recommend her classes enough. Submitted by Harry ter Haar, via email


Had an amazing Sunday afternoom doing Yoga Monks with Jonathan. I’ve been practising Yoga Monks with Beth for almost one year, love her classes and feel great about this technique. I also love asking myself to experiment further with the technique all the time….. For those who are into Yoga and having fun doing it, please you must try Yoga Monks, it really works for me. Thanks very much to Beth for being an incredibly talented teacher and so nice to meet Jonathan today. Love, peace and more Yoga Monks xxx Submitted by Diego D’Aquino via Urban Yoga Monkey Facebook


I came to yoga as a relative novice. I’d dabbled a bit in Stoke Newington and Sydney, Australia, but previously, I’d mainly used the gym for boxing and conditioning . Getting a little older (late 30’s) I thought I’d try yoga and was amazed.  Beth has a visible enthusiasm for the spiritual side but is incredibly skilled/ powerful as an athlete too. I was quite amazed actually, as I thought yoga would be a bit of a cop out physically. It’s not. Beth really works you in the class but is very patient/ inclusive for beginners too – she communicates very well also with an almost medical understanding of the body and how it fits together. Also, there have been a few times when I’ve cut corners on an exercise tucked away at the back of a class and she’s noticed straightaway and corrected me. Eyes in the back of the head stuff. I really recommend Beth – she has a happiness and sprightliness about her that is infectious and makes everyone feel better, aside from the physical joy of yoga. One of the very best teachers I’ve come across. Submitted by James Hunt, via email

Please feel free to leave me a comment or testimonial below… many thanks.

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