workshop – yoga for anxiety 

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Yoga when suffering from anxiety/with an anxious state. 

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Yoga itself is a practice towards a unified state, a state of wholeness and in that sense, a state of ease within the present moment. It is a practice that cultivates a steady and balanced mind, and a calm state and ease in ones body. It helps you achieve this by addressing the value of specific movement of the physical body, developing focus, co ordination and a mind that does not wander away into a thousand different concerns. I’ve observed how this scattered mind makes it difficult to hear information/store or organise it, leading to the feeling of being unsure in oneself when making decisions, forgetting Information because we are distracted, then feeling even less competent and confident to move through life. The practice teaches us how to use the action of conscious breathing as away to powerfully affect the nervous system and endocrine (hormonal) system. 

This conscious and informed way of moving, breathing, has the power to change our brain chemistry, state of mind, mood and our relationship to our thoughts and events arising in our lives. 

Anxiety and stress can originate from sudden and unpredictable changes in our lives, the feeling of being unable to control events, the future of a job/relationship/or outcome. 

We can also experience anxiety and stress as a result of internal psychological pressure on ourselves to be a certain way, that does not feel natural or available to us, or as a result of an emotionally challenging and extended period of time that has become internalised and constant state of being. 

This workshop contains a very specific yoga sequence, meditative practices and breathwork to enable a more relaxed, coherant and confident experience of life with several take away techniques for long term benefit and integration.