About the Yogamonks Method

Yogamonks is a method created by Jonathan Monks designed, which, in my personal experience, reveals the raw state of the individual’s mind, body and spirit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=col6k4v0vY0

Through the process of stripping away habits both conscious and unconscious, the organic and natural structure of the body is revealed. From the sensitivity that is developed when breaking down patterns and habits there is a heightened awareness that offers us a clear and obscured insight. This insight shows us where we can begin to live, move, relate and function from a place of deep sensitivity, connectivity, and playful easiness.

The practice is Hatha, based in Tantra and of the Kriya Yoga Lineage.

There are Yogamonks Schools in London and Sweden (Gothenburg).




 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Mki9bcJmaw Yogamonks in Action link

Yoga Monks holds mindfulness at the heart of its practice. Awareness is continually cultivated throughout an structured yet explorative and playful class.  The focus on fascial connections mean the student experiences their own anatomical precision to an advanced level without employing any external means other than structured self enquiry from the teacher. Students develop the sensitivity to differentiate between effort and effort”less” existence whether they relate it to movement, relationships or simply life as a whole.




‘Asana should be pleasurable, steady and easy..’ (Patanjali)

By beginning with an anatomically efficient method, the mind is placed within a steady and relaxed state. Meditation arises spontaneously and we have the chance to listen to the unconscious conditions/tensions we have placed on ourselves. Once we have found an easier more authentic connection, we often chose the pathway that nourishes us from deep with, that leaves no residue of tension or internal conflict.

When there is no conflict between the mind and the body, one is free to experience a sense of ease, fluidity with an ability to explore loving kindness. Freedom of the spine underlies every vinyasa. In freeing the spine, the limbs receive the opportunity to extend, express energy and life. The entire central nervous system becomes more receptive, finely tuned and more physically nourished.

Creator of The Yogamonks Method-Jonathan Monks


Vinyasa aims to express the clearest effortless pathway of connection. Asana replies on awareness (the expansion of consciousness) to find the space in which one can experience the energetics of the posture and have a direct sensual experience of the prana unblocking and moving through ones spine.

Should you wish to study with my Teacher Jonathan Monks or on The Yogamonks Method teacher Training

Please email: Jonathanmonks@mac.com or share@mithila.co

Come practice the art of letting go and liberate your inherent luminous and divine self!




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